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Two Methodologies to Compare Actual Cost (In-house Development vs. Offshore Outsourcing)

When a person opens a business or venture then to run that business the first question which comes in his mind about the recruitment process. For example you are going to start a Software Project then first you’ll think – Should I scout for my local IT house or to outsource talent from different countries? And yeah it’s inevitable that on thinking this many other things will also take action in your mind and probably cost being the primary one. Certainly, everyone try to understand that which option is more cost-effective keeping other conditions equivalent?

The comparison between the wages of local and foreign experts will not provide the full picture of the scenario. You’ll require all the real numbers with all hidden cost.

To give you an on-the-fly estimate about your venture, in this article we analyzed the rates of US In-house Software Engineers and Eastern European Outsourcing multinationals and did all the additional calculations.

Hidden Cost of In-House Development

While drawing in nearby experts or professionals in another product venture, experienced employees shouldn’t let not so-obvious expenses catch them resting.

The primary kind of covered or hidden cost to consider is the stressed rate. This amount includes indirect costs associated with employees, such as health insurance, travelling, and fund charges, paid time off, sick leaves, vacations, pension contributions and more. Be prepared to include gear purchase and working expenses, as your new contract will require an average working environment and driven apparatuses to bring your business thought alive. Recruiting, on-boarding and holding costs that will in general be high should not shock to anyone.

Furthermore, employee administration time isn't free, compelling you to consider assigning additional whole ties of money if your in-house team needs an advisor.

What option is best?

In USA, Statistic Brain studies shows that, 38% companies engage in the practicing of outsourcing of foreign employees and this thing has great importance in the USA businesses. The wages of these outsourcing employees are usually equals to the total amount of the required services. If some workers from your company leave you when the company is going in a good position then you can use the outsourced professionals and deliver the products and services on time to the market.

Scrum team cost structure

Imagine you have to connect with a cross-utilitarian group in your half year venture. This is the way the cost structure for an in-house Scrum group consist of 8 US experts may resemble.

Table: 1 Hidden cost per employee
Type of hidden cost Source Amount paid per Hour, $
Social Compensation Bureau of Labor Statistic 33.26
IT Spending Gartner 4.38
Hiring Society for HRM 4.1
Training Investopedia 37.5
Total 79.24


  • On average, US firms spend $700 per employee per month, i.e. $4.38 per hour
  • With the average cost per hire of $4,129 in a six-month project, the hourly amount of recruiting a new employee will be $4.1

Hidden cost per team member is $79.24. Now you will get the total amount by considering In-house development employees on hourly bases.

Table: 2 Cost Per Employee
Role Net Wages Fully Burdened Cost
Scrum Master 68.35 147.59
Software Architect 71.11 150.35
Senior Developer 55.54 134.78
Developer 53.05 132.29
QA Engineer 29.79 109.03
DevOps Engineer 62.05 141.29
Designer 46.66 125.9
Total 416.34 1050.26

Cost to outsource Eastern European Professionals.

Table: 3
Role Hourly Rate, $
Scrum Master 45
Software Architect 45
Senior Developer 45
Developer 35
QA Engineer 30
DevOps Engineer 40
Designer 30
Total 300


The absolute expense of in-house advancement may change contingent upon the US state you live in, the dimension of ability you anticipate from your contracts, and the innovations you request to actualize. You may likewise need an alternate group structure for your responsibility or have unordinary necessities that will influence the last price. If you use the In-house development then you have to be prepared yourself to pay more than if you are going to use outsourcing.