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Why You Really Need Video to enhance Employee Engagement

The loyal and dedicated employees can play a vital role in promoting a company portfolio. These types of employees are the great assets a company can have. While the employees who like to work on their own like there is no bonding between them so, by doing this thing a company can face the detriment in time and resources. If a company or organization wants to increase efficiency with good quality and high profits then only the employee engagement can play its part.

And when a company is going to give importance to employee engagement then to educate, to influence and to empower your employee’s video can play important role in this matter.

Effect of Uneducated Employees Workforce at Workplace

A study on the worldwide employee engagement crisis from Gallup Study has shown that the employees working in an organization from them just 13% are those who are loyal with the company and remaining 87% are those who have no any interest in the company business.

Scattered employees are unlikely to be creative and have no any passion of work for the company. So, it wouldn’t wrong by saying that only loyal employees do work hard and give success to organization. Sometimes the presence of uneducated employees in an organization result into lower personal output. Studies have shown that the disengagement of employees cost the US up to $550bln per year.

Moreover, as uneducated employees have no any commitment at the workplace; this becomes the reason of high turnover in the companies. Like if an employee leaves, then due to this company has to face too much recruiting cost because company already did a lot for his or her training and learning.

Engagement of employees By Using Video as an Influential Tool

Companies use different types of solutions and tools to enhance the employee’s engagement and to educate them like social networks, are uses to foster communication, increase teamwork and to capture the other organizational purposes.

There are some good educated companies who know that a picture is worth thousand words. They know that video system is good to engage employees and they are trying to engage their staff on a more profound level and bring a polite element into communication.

Latest way of communication

Proficient communication lies at the core of authentic representative or employee inclusion. Tech-savvy millennials, which will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025, are shaking up the workplace. Being advanced locals, they show tendency to utilize a similar specific devices at work as they do throughout everyday life.

A video arrange composed into your internal social networks empowers you to accomplish your workforce in a characteristic and obviously all the more appealing way. Make it straightforward for your laborers to exchange, view and comment on media content, and the idea will affect them.

Employee-generated video (EGV) can be invaluable for enhancing communication as it normally urges individuals to share their accounts and accomplishments, and get acknowledgment. Extra reward here is that EGV opens essential inventiveness and helps recognize ability.

Video as an Educational Trainer

The benefits of placing assets into employee preparing combine undeniably an option that is other than an especially qualified and advantageous workforce. The ability to create and make as a specialist gives inner motivation and creates obligation.

A custom video management platform can helpful in establishing education and managing knowledge sharing. The experience of some expert captured on video can be an educational point for a colleague.

Communicate addresses, meetings, or workshops to a wide gathering of people of your representatives with live streaming. Make a VoD library of preparing materials for the employees to introduce whenever and wherever. Whatever the model, utilizing video for informative reasons for existing is beneficial, financially savvy and helpful.

Professional Development

If a company uses video system in the organization it would create better opportunities for the employees to touch the level of excellence through continuous professional development. Young employees like under the age of 25 are very enthusiastic about hard work as young blood allows them to work more, they rate professional development as a number one because this thing engage them in the company in a professional way and employees ages up to 35 give second number to this in their opinion; states in “Deloitte Article”.

Making video the part of process can enhance it in many ways. One way is to include a case study in the words form other than written form. Words can be put into action and allows for more analysis of the situation. And the other way is to call conference like in a physical way which saves time and money and allows face-to-face meeting.

Ways to Get Employees Feedback

To understand your employees well and to know the level of engagement is tough. But time to time feedback allows you to cover this part. You can make an interactive video which enables you two-way communication and immediate feedback. You can arrange a quiz, a survey, a poll or live chat for this purpose.

Performance Scale

In this term there comes review about company employees. A company must have to take regular reviews about company workers. One more Gallup Study revealed that the managers who regularly communicate with their employees or workers help their employees to be engaged three times more than those employees whose managers don’t hold regular meet ups.

To give the feel of value to your employee’s regular meetings helpful in this as money is not only the factor to get hold on the employees. Companies have to keep flexible timings as this will helpful in engaging employees through continuous performance tracking.

Make your product stand out

Either business is small or large the thing which give success and progress to business is dedicate and loyal employees because they are the only ones who are the real advocate of your products and services. Every employee of the company who is associated with any department he must have to be up to date with latest information to make company brand more strong and alive in the market. Video presentation about the promotion of the product will be very useful in this sense.

Last Note

Empowering a culture of associated workforce is useful on various measurements. Likewise, video can be influential in making your staff progressively included, profitable, and state-of-the-art.

Depending upon your business needs, you may decide on a prepared to-utilize arrangement or a custom online video stage. Whatever you pick, make sure your video phase has the fundamental highlights to meet your particular basics.